Elinor Organics | Slay All Day (Cordyceps Adaptogen Blend)

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Elinor Organics | Slay All Day (Cordyceps Adaptogen Blend)

Slay All Day is a powerful combination of certified organic Cordyceps and a selection of adaptogenic herbs that promotes the overall well-being of the human body system. This specific list of herbs along with Cordyceps Militaris produces a powerful synergistic effect and therefore has multiple therapeutic benefits that will support the immune system and enhance holistic health.


Directions for use

Blend 1 gram with 1 cup of warm water, milk or a smoothie.


Add 1 gram or a tea spoon of Slay All Day to a small amount of warm water in a mug and mix it into a paste before adding foamed plant-based milk for a cosy, delicious, hug-in-a-mug.

Tastes Like

Rooty, creamy, slightly bitter, a hint of cinnamon.


Store in a cool and dry place and keep away from moisture. Refrigeration is not required.

Nutritional Facts

Carbohydrate 83.8g
Total Fat 2.2gm
Total Protein 8gm
Fibre 26.4gm
Calcium 336.9mg
Iron 34.979mg
Sodium 30mg
Vitamin C 20mg
Vitamin B 121.7mg
Vitamin B1 11.7mg
Cordycepin 1399mg
Adenosine 195mg
Curcuminoid 10mg

Legal Disclaimer

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease are rather dietary supplements and products for the management of lifestyle issues in order to enhance the quality of life. The information mentioned herein is based upon the scientific literature available for ingredients used in our products. A consultation with a physician or medical practitioner is always recommended to manage one’s lifestyle or medical issues.


Pregnant and nursing women should consult a physician before consuming these products as a precaution. We are not suggesting treatments or cures but only providing supplements and products as an aid to improve one’s quality of life and boost one’s immunity as per scientific literature and research available for the ingredients of the same.

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