5 Mushrooms Blend Powder | Supports Heart, Liver, Gut, Energy & Immunity – 100 Gram

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5 Mushrooms Blend Powder | Supports Heart, Liver, Gut, Energy & Immunity – 100 Gram

A Super-Blend Of Nourishing Medicinal Mushrooms Hand-Picked To Support Immunity & Gut, Hormonal Function, Nervous System & Overall Cardio Functioning. Revered In Ancient Herbal Traditions, These Potent Adaptogenic Herbs Boost Vitality And Encourage Longevity. Ideal Mix Of Reishi, Cordyceps Militaris, Shiitake, Turkey Tail & Oyster Mushrooms.


Medicinal Mushrooms Possess A Sophisticated Immune System Cultivated To Ward Off Bacteria. When Humans Ingest These Sacred Mushrooms, They Are Bestowed With The Herbs’ Robust Immunity And Vast Health-Promoting Properties.

Reishi – Regarded By Ancient Herbalists As The ‘Mushroom Of Immortality’, Modern Herbalists Love Reishi For Its Powerful Adaptogenic Qualities. Reishi Is Used To Support The Immune System, Relieve Stress, Strengthen The Spirit, Calm The Mind And Promote Peaceful Sleep.

Shiitake – Considered The ‘Elixir Of Life’ By Japanese Elders, This Superfood Mushroom Bursts With Amino Acids, Vitamins And Minerals. A True Medicinal Powerhouse, Shiitake Is Used To Boost Immunity, Strengthen The Respiratory Tract, Tone The Heart, Improve Circulation And Protect The Liver.

Cordyceps (Militaris) – Cordyceps Are A Dietary Therapeutic Mushroom That’s Been Used For Centuries To Improve The Immune System And Boost Energy Levels. Studies Show Many Benefits To Using Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts Including A Reduction Of Inflammation And Oxidative Stress, The Leading Causes Of Most Diseases. This Makes Cordyceps, Along With Chaga Mushrooms, A Good Anti-Aging And Recovery Supplement. Cordyceps Militaris Produces Cordycepin,

Turkey Tail – Used By Herbalists To Cultivate A Robust Immune System That Is Able To Combat Pathogens, Turkey Tail Is Also Beneficial For Boosting Qi (Chi), Supporting Joints & Bones, Toning The Liver, And Improving Gut Functioning. Revered As A Potent Tonic Herb On Nearly Every Continent, Turkey Tail Is High In The Protein-Bound Polysaccharides PSK And PSP, Which Is Thought To Explain Its Ability To Elevate Both Surface And Core Immunity Against Dangerous Pathogens.

Oyster Mushroom – (Pleurotus Ostratus) Come In Several Distinct Types And Each One Of Them Is Packed With Antioxidants, Vitamins, And Minerals To Keep Your Body Healthy And Defend Against Disease.

Weight – 100 Gm

The Fruiting Bodies Of These Mushroom Contain Polysaccharides, Specifically A Type Called Beta-Glucans, PSK And Various Other Active Bio Compounds Such As Triterpenoids & Cordycepins Etc, Which Have Been Studied To Support Immunity And Overall Wellness, As Well As Better Metabolism, Heart Functioning, Anti Stress, Anti Inflammatory Etc.* The Fruiting Body Extracts We Use Contain These Polysaccharides & Other Compounds, Without Unnecessary Fillers Or Starches.

Known Benefits Of Of Our Mushroom Blend:

  • Immune Support: Beta Glucans & other compounds that act as immunomodulators that help regulate the immune system
  • Supports Heart Functioning, Maintained Blood Pressure & Cholesterol: High in antioxidants, sterols, ganoderic acids (triterpenes), coumarin, mannitol and polysaccharides that all show great benefit for cardiovascular functioning. These compounds have many protective qualities against many of the risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke. Reishi, Chaga, Oyster & Shiitake have been known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Super Adaptogens: Known to help the body adapt to or resist things that cause stress (psychological, physical and environmental).
  • Rich in Antioxidants: These mushrooms scavenge free radicals in the body, thereby slowing cellular oxidation and breakdown. This means less inflammation, less experience with chronic disease, and even Healthier, More Graceful Aging.
  • Promote healthy sleep, fights infections, and Liver & Gut support

How To Take:

2-3gm (approx 1tsp) daily with or without food. (we recommend everyone to listen to their body intuitively, follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.)
Stir into hot water or green tea for an instant tonic tea. Put in mixers/ blenders for smoothies. Works well in hot or cold drinks, soups & meals. Simply add to – Warm Water, Tea/Coffee | Juice/Shakes | Food
*Stir vigorously to ensure all lumps are dissolved when adding to cold beverages



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